Monday, December 12, 2016


there are days i feel so much younger than thirty, and maybe it's because i'm finally embracing my confidence, and my adventurous nature.  maybe it's because i realize there is so much more life to live, but i can also appreciate time and how precious it is.  the cool thing about this is that i still see all the magic in the world, in spite of the cold and bitter reality we now live in.  

i think that's so important - to be a realist and an idealist.  to laugh every time your dad says "haven't we already seen this hallmark holiday movie?  they fall in love in three weeks after one of them figures out the other is not being honest about something or they get stuck in an elevator or (insert generic plot here)."  to take a break from snapchatting your hike, or your dinner, or decorating your tree and actually see what's around you.  to listen, really listen, to good music - not just have it on for white noise.

and now more than ever i am determined not to settle.  i can finally let out that deep breath i took in a decade ago - i've experienced some pretty shitty things at the hands of pretty shitty people, and yet here i am.  screaming yes to adventures and magic.  i feel like i survived my twenties.  now it's time to live my thirties.

how does that sound, babes?

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