Wednesday, December 14, 2016


the sun shines on a dreamer
shines a light on you when you listen to your heart

so last night melissa and i went to see wade bowen play an acoustic set at sam's burger joint, and it was so good.  i love his voice, and he played some old songs and a couple new songs from the album he's hopefully releasing soon (along with commentary for every song).  there was one in particular that stuck in my head he said he wrote after he and his wife had an argument and this one line - "she lays like broken glass" (i wish i could remember what came after that) - that pierced my heart.  i can't wait until he releases his new album and comes back to san antonio to play that song again.  he didn't play "who i am" which i think may be my favorite song of his, but he did play "sun shines on a dreamer" and that was so amazing to hear live and acoustic. 

you belong somewhere you feel free

this week is for sharing music, because i also am obsessed with tom petty's "wildflowers" at the moment.  i have not listened to tom petty enough ever in my life.  i think he'll be in rotation for a few more days.

and one more wade bowen because, well...just because.  it's nights like last night that have me wishing i would've gotten more involved in music.  i'm going to make 2017 the year that i learn to play the guitar once and for all, y'all.

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