Friday, January 8, 2016

it's friday!!

one of the gorgeous shots our cousin, Amber, took of us during our holiday shoot.

weeks fly by these days.  i feel like the holidays were like a hurricane, and i'm already looking my sister's birthday (mid-february) in the face.  not necessarily a bad thing, because time flies when you're having fun, right?  but still, sometimes you just want to take a moment in.  i always want to remember this time in my life.  one day, i'll tell my kids, "your momma took a huge leap of faith, and landed on her feet.  and then she took another leap."  when i think about the past five years, and how i've changed as a person, my mind is absolutely blown.  i was always myself, but now i'm less of a shell, and so much more depth.  now, i value time, and lucidity, and sleep, and the gym, and people who accept me as i am and encourage me to grow.  someone once told me that i never took into consideration where i came from.  what they meant was that no matter how much i strove to be a better, more successful person, they would never let me fully spread my wings because i couldn't be better than them.  i don't want, or need, or have people like that in my life anymore.

here's a little blast from the past.  momma says she read one of my first posts from (OMG) EIGHT YEARS AGO and realized i did all the things i said i was going to do.  from living with the ex, to working in hr at a university, to ending up in business.  funny how that happened.  :)

breakfast at feast in southtown with the boss lady last weekend.  :)

cute sign - totally want one.  via.

hard to believe my little old man love will be 7 next month!

dream car <3 br="">

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