Friday, June 13, 2014


 really bad picture of him walking into graduation.

it's hard to believe that my cousin, justin, has graduated from high school.  we attended his graduation last week, and my sisters and i could not hold back our tears as he crossed the stage, and then switched his tassel from side to side, and then threw his cap in the air with his fellow classmates, as they became southwest high school alumni.  i love that kid like a brother, he's always been my baby cousin, and he'll always be my baby cousin.  i attended almost all of his varsity football games, and it's going to be so sad next season when i will no longer be seeing him under those friday night lights.  as much as i wish he was going to go to college, and play college football, i'm happy that he's pursuing his goal to be a u.s. coast guardsman.  whatever he does in life, i know he'll be successful - he is related to me, after all.  ;)

via my cousin's facebook.
and in other cousin-news, my cousin madison is halfway across the world, exploring germany for the summer!  we're very proud of her, and i have to admit, i'm a little jealous!  she looks like she's having the time of her life, and i'm so glad that she didn't follow in her older cousin's footsteps, and took the plunge to study abroad.  i'm sure it'll be a life-changing trip for her.

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