Friday, June 13, 2014

it's friday!!!

we three texas patriots at the institute of texan cultures folklife festival last saturday.

i started school again this week.  yes, i'm doing that - AGAIN.  i think i've finally found the thing that will make me the happiest and i'm going to go with it.  run with it, really.  crap, am i scared.  i am scared that i will screw this up somehow, and be stuck (really, like quicksand stuck) in this current job path that i am so incredibly (and almost overnight) unhappy in.  and, merde, does the thought of not EVER having enough money make me want to leave this job path like, yesterday.

i'm turning 28 on monday.  we're having a bbq to celebrate.  really, i'm not in the mood for celebrating my birthday, but i do like to be around my family.  and there will probably be karaoke involved.  so how could i say no?

what i do want to do this weekend is dance.  and run.  and hit some balls.  and maybe get a little reading and writing in.  i want to spend quiet time with my boo, and, of course, my sisters, too.  i want to celebrate father's day with the best dad ever.  figuratively, THE.BEST.  and if i get a little bit of champagne on my bday (because i believe there should ALWAYS be champagne on your bday.  ALWAYS.), then i'll be a happy girl.

happy father's day weekend, y'all.  go give some love to those dad's in your life!

  • this brave veteran committed such an incredibly unselfish act if you ask me.  if he's single, i totally have a sister...
  • the funny thing is that this is so true about my closet.  i love bracelets and rings, i'm not a big necklace person.  i gravitate to corals/yellows, although i prob have more office-appropriate colors in my closet.  i love fashion, even if i wouldn't exactly consider myself a fashionista.
  • i don't know much about my native american heritage, but i wish i did.  i really love this campaign i stumbled upon on upworthy.
  • i caught myself using fat-talk at least twice yesterday.  it's unfortunate.
  • stop it.  ;)
  • i want.  i need.

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