Friday, June 6, 2014

it's friday!!!

my 28th birthday is 10 days away.  i've been thinking lately about how i feel about turning 28.  it's scary, to be honest.  i'm two years closer to 30.  i'm nowhere near where i thought i would be in my life.  there's so much i haven't accomplished, yet.  so much i wish i could already have.  and i'm not necessarily talking about material things (although a new car and home would be nice).

it's been a learning experience, the last few years of my life.  and i've learned to accept that my life will always been one long learning experience.  i'm human, and evolving daily, just like all of you.

i have a lot of things to get done this weekend, but not any set plans yet.  i really want to go see 'the fault in our stars', but my sister wants to see maleficent, so maybe we'll go see one of those.  in any case, the spurs play again sunday, so i have that to look forward to!

have a happy weekend, y'all, and GO SPURS GO!


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