Thursday, April 25, 2013

top ten fave movies.

time for a change of pace, y'all.  i've realized that my last few posts have been kind of emotional, and while i think it's great to get how i'm feeling out there, i want to focus on something else for a little while.

people often ask you what your favorite movie is when they first meet you.  it's a good question to open up between new friends, and to get to know someone's tastes.  however, people like me, who need to be constantly entertained, and have a bajillion interests, have a hard time narrowing down one movie that i absolutely love.

with that in mind, i usually tell people i have a top ten list of favorite movies.  and in no particular order, here they are:

chocolat -

a single mother, with a nomad heart, who changes the close-mindedness of a small town with her delectable chocolates, and still manages to find love?  yeah, sign me up for that.

independence day -

"Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!"  love that speech.  i mean, but really, will smith makes this movie.  my fave scene is when he and jeff goldblum are in the mother ship.  "i ain't heard the fat lady sing yet!"

pearl harbor -

there's the love story, there's the history and world war II, there's the women serving their country.  i mean, this movie was made for me to love it. 

the notebook -

i could say a lot about this pick, but i think i'll keep those things to myself.  i will, however, remind you that i am obsessed with the world war II era.  the clothes, the hair, the bright red lips.  can't get over it.

bad boys 1 -

 i remember watching this and part 2 with my besty in college like at least once a week.  good times! 

bad boys 2 -

"shake your tailfeathers" was my jam in high school.  i still know all the words!  fave scene?  where martin lawrence and will smith open the door for martin's daughter's date:  "you ever made love to a man?"  "no."  "you want to?"

under the tuscan sun -

i'd give anything to move to another country and start over.  the scenery in this movie is so beautiful and makes me want to have luscious gardens with herbs and vegetables.  and an airy and open tuscan villa, right in the heart of the hill country.  such a great movie about moving on with your life and learning to love yourself again.

trouble with the curve -

 love amy adams, love justin timberlake.  i don't know what it is about this movie, but ever since the first time i watched it with my mom and dad, i just can't get enough of it.

a league of their own -

the cast, the history, really doesn't get much better.  y'all already know how i feel about playing softball.  that these women played professional baseball during such an important time in our nation's history?  all kinds of inspiring.

love actually -

hugh grant dancing on his own?  colin firth speaking in portugese?  andrew lincoln's confession to keira knightley?  and don't even get me started on liam everything that man does!

the little mermaid -

because what girl doesn't have a favorite disney movie?  this was my first favorite movie ever, and i'll always have a little spot for it in my heart.

*disclaimer:  this list is subject to change on any given day.  haha!

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