Friday, April 26, 2013

it's friday!!!

i was really stressed the past few weeks.  i was letting things get to me, and i was dealing with some personal struggles and i really just couldn't hold my tears back any longer over last weekend.  then, sometime this week i woke up with a new perspective.  i decided to let things just roll off my back.  why should i keep myself from having fun, when life gets a little too hard?  that just sounds ludicrous.

so, now i'm going to focus on doing the things that make me happy.  i won't let other people stress me out.  i won't put up with the things that annoy me, because i'm too scared to lose someone or to upset them somehow.  it's time i start taking care of me.

my best friend, danielle, is having her bachelorette party this weekend.  two of her other bridesmaids, her sorority little sister, danielle and myself are heading to fort lauderdale, for a girls' weekend + fun-in-the-sun.  this weekend is much-needed.  it'll be good for me to let loose and to get some quality time in with my besty before her wedding this june.  i can't wait to arrive in fort lauderdale, as we have a fun evening planned for our first night there, and then lots of relaxing to do in the days afterwards.

also, i went to niosa last night with my sisters, their bfs, and my co-worker, cassey.  we had a ton of fun, and it was way better than last year's experience.  unfortunately, that was one of only two fiesta events i get to partake in this year.  we went to oysterbake last weekend and i'll be missing the king william fair and night parade this weekend (but i'll be in fort lauderdale, so i'm really not that sad about it!).  for all my san antonio friends, remember to fiesta safe!  :)

happy weekend, y'all!  have a great one!

fave links:
  • my best friend's wedding - atlanta edition.  aren't ana and matt so incredibly adorable!?  i can't wait to see ana and the girls again in a little over a month at my best friend's wedding - cleveland edition (aka danielle - aka the besty - and dave's wedding)!!
  • we're all worried about success aren't we?  i liked this post about how it doesn't always happen easily.
  • as an athlete (and dancer) myself, reading this dancer's story broke my heart.  being active is so much a part of my life, that i wouldn't feel whole if i couldn't play sports, run or dance.  this woman's resilience and determination is an inspiration, and i'm excited for her, because i know she will dance again.
  • this obama speech version of the deranged sorority girl email is freakin' hilarious!  also, love this video of alison haislip reading the email.
  • i'm kind of in love with new girl's jake johnson (aka nick), not gonna lie.
  • eeeeeek!  i'm a huge, HUGE thor fan, btw.
  • for all you "don't trust the b in apt. 23" fans out there. 
  • friendship, per garance dore.  i'm inclined to agree with her! 
  • want to learn new words?  try!  i'm already addicted! 
  • this is the cutest!  i hope my (future) kids are as interested in playing instruments as this little cutie is!  also, string instruments are my fave.  :)

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