Monday, April 1, 2013

josh abbott band - floore's country store.

yet again, josh abbott band was in town, and yet again, we made the trek to floore's to see the band play live.  it was an outdoor event, so during the day on friday i worried about the rain, but it ended up being a really nice night.  just cool enough that i didn't really need a jacket so long as i was in the crowd.  lucky for me my date was wearing a dress shirt over a t-shirt so i had an extra layer to wear on the walk back to the truck.  

jab mixed up their set list this time, which was nice because they still play their hit songs, but also other songs that i haven't seen them play live yet.  right now, i'm really fond of road trippin and if you're leaving (i'm coming too).  maybe it's the change in weather, and the fact that summer vacation is on the horizon, but i'm in a road trip state of mind.  can't wait 'til jab comes back to san antonio again!

just a little side note, but my jab crush (on electric guitar) was looking pretty cute that night!


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