Friday, March 29, 2013

it's friday!!!

y'all, my pup, riley, does this super funny thing every morning.  he jumps out of bed and runs to my bedroom door when he sees me brushing my hair, waits for me to open the door, runs straight to my mom's room (where his clubhouse is under her bed), grabs his toy and runs to the front door so he can go outside.  same thing, every.single.morning.  i guess dogs have their morning rituals, too!

speaking of rituals, i'm about to get back to mine.  i think my ankle has healed enough for me to get back to running.  april is just about here and i'm ready for my next 5k (although i haven't chosen one yet).  not to worry guys, i'm going to ease into it.  i just can't wait to get back to running and going to zumba. 

aside from getting back to the treadmill (or possibly the park) this weekend, i plan on seeing josh abbott band, the rangers v. padres game at the alamodome, and possibly girl rising.  see what i mean about never having time to relax??  haha, but at least my life is full of fun and exciting things!

some of my faves this week:
  • help families get clean cookstoves by sharing this link.
  • really?  my body, my choice.  why isn't that the end of the story?
  • hello!  i'm super-excited to see both of these movies when they come out.  white house down trailer.  the wolverine trailer.
  • little known fact about me:  independence day is one of my top ten fave movies.  so this article totally made my day (and also, i agree, on all counts!).
  • because i'm an asthmatic with serious allergies, and i have family members who smoke or have smoked, this campaign warning people of the dangers of smoking strikes a chord with me.
  • i have a soft spot for dolly parton.
  • love naomi's blog!  she recently went to sf and now i'm dying to go (think i can sneak on my bff's honeymoon, when she goes to sf this summer?).  her photos are beautiful!

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