Tuesday, January 22, 2013

in pictures.

january photo a day challenge days 14-20.  day 20 had to be a throwback, because that day was so freakin' nuts and i really don't want to share any of the not-so-great things i saw.

day 14 - something yellow.  little chicky my mom gave me years ago, on my car's dash.

day 15 - an ordinary moment.  walking to class at the downtown utsa campus.

day 16 - two things.  jensen ackles on supernatural (le sigh!) and studying for my victimology class.

day 17 - ready.  freshly sharpened pencils for work and school.

day 18 - shadow.

day 19 - delicious.  momma made conchitas!  soooooo good.

day 20 - something i saw. nic cage's mausoleum in new orleans. missing that city like crazy these days!

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