Tuesday, January 22, 2013

lust list.

i am such a bad, bad girl.  we went shopping yesterday, and i wasn't looking for shoes, but i guess these were looking for me, because ever since i saw them i can't get them out of my mind and i am seriously considering buying them even though i really need to get shoes for my friend ana's wedding in march (because we are taking a group picture and are all wearing the same color dress and i don't currently own any shoes that match the dress).  i promise you if these shoes sell out in my size before i have a chance to buy them, i will be soooooo very sad (obviously i am aware of how materialistic that sounds and i hope y'all realize i'm just being dramatic).

i did buy a really pretty dress from old navy and a much needed black pencil skirt and dress shirt from express.  good deals, too!  even though i received a lot of nice, new blouses for christmas, i really need to invest in some good pieces for work and my internship, and i had some xmas money left to spend.  it was such a good way to spend my day off with my mom and sister.  casee even met us for lunch at tiago's!  great day, honestly.

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