Friday, January 18, 2013

it's friday.

veggies for dinner last night.

first week of school.  it flew by.  these are the days that i love school.  we're just starting to get to know each other.  my books are new and fresh.  i'm tired, but not too tired.  i wish it could always be this way.  i'll try to remember how much i looked forward to classes starting when chest-deep in research and starting to feel like i'm suffocating a little bit.

my muscles are still getting used to running again.  i love that feeling.  i have a 5k on the 27th, so i'm training as best as i can.  i won't push myself too far, but there are few things better than that runner's high.  i cooked dinner for my family last night.  it was good.

there are things i want and things i need and sorting through each stack to choose the ones that are most important has been eye-opening.  for example (disclaimer:  this is frivolous):  these shoes or car maintenance?  i'd like to say i picked the shoes, but that would be a lie.  however, roxie (my car) is much happier these days.  :)

i have a three day weekend!  i just figured that out a few hours ago.  this is exciting to me, but i kind of wish it came later in the semester than the second week of school.  just saying.  week 6 would be a good time.  although i will have spring break a few weeks after that.  still trying to decide if i want to take a day off during that week so i can go to the beach.  ah, decisions!

some things that caught my eye this week:

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