Friday, December 14, 2012

it's friday.

i had the intention of writing a great post today.  i woke up in a decent mood, as i have for the past couple of days, and was ready to seize the day.  and it started out great, it really did.  the lady in front of me in line at bill miller's paid for my breakfast, and it filled me with hope and christmas spirit. 

but then, tragedy struck, and i just cannot get it out of my mind.  children.  innocent, beautiful children, waiting to learn.  i just can't fathom, can't wrap my brain around it.  it's senseless and horrifying.  i have no children, but i can tell you, if i did, i would go home right now and hold them, smother them with love, what-have-you.  my mom left work early today to run errands, and i so badly wanted to go with her.  i just want to be around the people i love.

my heart goes out to the victims (and their families) of this terrible tragedy, and my thoughts are with  the many first responders (for whom i have the highest regard) involved.  

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