Friday, December 21, 2012

it's friday.

what a week.  that is the most i can say right now.  i've been incredibly busy, i can't even believe that christmas is only 4 days away.  i'm excited, of course, but also feeling for those who will be missing their loved ones this year.

this year, christmas eve with my dad's family will be celebrated at my parents house.  we've decorated quite a bit, and our tree looks absolutely beautiful.  i plan on helping my mom prepare as much as possible this weekend, so i made it a point to get any and all christmas shopping done by tonight (well, mostly done).

my christmas present to myself was getting the internship i wanted for the spring semester.  i'm really excited and can't wait to start (of course first i have to pass the background check and whatnot). 

happy holidays, y'all!  stay safe!

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