Monday, April 11, 2011

what i'm reading...

sometimes you just need an easy-read.  i'm a girl all about the classics, but i also like mysteries and crime novels.  i picked this book up at target not too long ago, and knew i would read it after something like wuthering heights.  it's definitely a page-turner.  the protagonist of the book is ellen, a journalist and adoptive mother of three-year-old will.  she gets one of those "have you seen us?" with the faces and basic information of abducted children in the mail and is disturbed by the boy on the cards uncanny resemblance to her son.  she allows herself to speculate (or dwell) on whether or not the boy on the card could be will, and sets in motion the events that will give her the answer she needs.  i'm pretty hooked right now, i haven't wanted to put it down since i started it on saturday, and no doubt will finish it today!  i just want to know who will is, and why the boy on the card was suspenseful!

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