Wednesday, April 6, 2011

dream a little dream...

i have been having the weirdest dreams lately.  i think i can psyco-analyze them enough to understand why my brain is working in this way, but i'd really like to not think about it at all.

in my first dream, i was playing softball again on an 18 & under team.  the only problem with that is that in my dream i was who i am today.  a 24 year old woman.  so not really sure what i was doing on an 18 & under softball team...then, my dream switched to me helping ernest on his modern-day quest to save the world.  i think we might have been at either his great-aunts house or my great-grandmothers house.  either way, i know it was an old house, but it was familiar to us.  anyway, like i said, ernest had to save the world.  from the devil.  who looked more like a clown.

weird, right?

but that's not the weirdest part...the "devil" told ernest and i that i was going to die!  and that i would be taking his place in a few was soooooooo weird.  somehow i knew that i was going to die from a bullet wound to the head, so i was very afraid of guns and bullets and ernest and i were trying to keep all such things away from us.  then, out of nowhere, some old friend of ernest's, who happened to be a female and was wearing shorts that were way too short and pretty much very inappropriate for her...shape...came in and was talking about how she just did her first drive-by and all this other crazy stuff and lo and behold there is an old-fashioned pistol hanging from her belt loops (idk, how...).  she starts waving it around and i am freaking out, putting my hands over my head trying to protect myself and ernest starts yelling at her and she says, "no!  it's not loaded, see!?"  and of course she lifts it into the air, shoots and a bullet goes straight out and comes straight down...on my head.  it doesn't go all the way through, so i can put my hand up there and feel it sticking out.  i go into shock, or something, and then i woke up.

weird.  like i said.

then last night, i had another dream where ernest (a very mysterious and stealthy ernest) and i (a very shy and stealthy me) were trying to save our country.  this time my mom was in on the action, and she introduced us as informants when we were both 16.  ernest was, like our political parties best (and youngest) secret weapon or something, and he would go underground for months at a time gathering information and whatnot.  i was supposed to run some sort of satellite that would get information from our neighbors computers or something and he came over one night (in the middle of night, stealthily) to set up the "satellite".  it was definitely infatuation at first sight, at least for me. 


then flashforward to my 18th birthday and my grandmother decides i need to have a coming out party (i swear this was in the future, but somehow i still needed to find a man, go figure), and so we have all these "eligible" guys in my house, but all i can think about is how much i wish ernest was there, knowing full-well that nothing could happen between us until all was "secure" in our country, which would hopefully be soon, and not even sure if he felt the same for me as i felt for him.  now, as the years had passed, mine bond to ernest had grown so much that i always knew when he was near, and suddenly i felt like i needed fresh air and went outside, knowing he'd be there.  i went outside expecting there to be some sort of new "quest" for me to take on, but instead he told me he had come because "how could [he] miss such an occasion?"  then he handed me a locket, with something in it that only made sense to the two of us, which of course gave me the knowledge that he felt the same way about me, as i did about him. 

and then i woke up.

so, some pretty interesting dreams, huh?

i know my mom is going to read this and immediately send me one of two messages.  one being, "candice crystal, stop dreaming morbid dreams about you getting shot!" (not the first time that's happened).  and the other?  "i sure hope you wrote these down in your journal."  hahaha! 

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