Thursday, April 7, 2011

we can do it!

we finally went for a run last night.  the first since our 5k on saturday.  most days we plan to run, but we might give it up if something else comes up.

for instance, on monday i was craving fried pickles, so i suggested to ernest that we go to hooters.  he can't resist a chance to have blue moon and fried pickles so of course he agreed.  somehow, though, whenever we go to hooters, i end up being the one who treats him.  weird, huh?  haha.  anyway, we went almost immediately after i got back from work because we were both fairly hungry.  i need to remember to eat more filling meals at lunchtime...i eat pretty well for breakfast, but i always forget to pack snacks, so i spend a good part of my day hungry, which is bad.  when we got home a huge storm hit, so we decided not to go run after all.

then, on tuesday, ernest had his PRT at work, which meant he already got a good workout in and was fairly tired.  i've been pretty lethargic myself, since it's THAT time (sorry for the tmi), so i was good with not going to workout and making yummy burritos instead.  of course, i forgot that we didn't have rice or avocado for the burritos (which is funny because last time we didn't have beans), so they came out a little runny (i use queso dip instead of shredded cheese), but they were still delicious.

anyway, my run yesterday wasn't so bad!  i felt good afterwards.  refreshed, almost.  it's good to know what a little bit of exercise can do for you both mentally and physically.  i'm looking forward to running with my family when i get home.  they've found a nice little trail to run on (i prefer to run outside, so that will be a welcome change of scenery) and i think my parents said it was around 3 miles.  yay!

also, a little note about the picture...rosie the riveter is one of my favorite vintage poster girls.  idk if it's because she reminds me of our nation's history, women's history or my own ancestor's history (my great-grandmother worked on planes during WWII), or just because she looks like a tough chick, but she's always kind of stuck with me, and i keep thinking about how cool of a tattoo she would make.  not that i would, because if i did it would have to be huge and that being the case i have nowhere to put it that she could stay hidden (and why would you want to hide such a beautiful tattoo anyway?).  so in the meantime i just have to look forward to one day owning a large framed print of her, and my little magnet i keep above my desk at work.

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