Wednesday, December 1, 2010

it's the first...

happy december one, y'all!  i am so excited for this month.  ernest is coming back, so soon, and then we'll be making our annual holiday trip home to san antonio.  i just can't wait to spend this magical time of year with ernest.  i feel like it might fly by, so i hope we can really enjoy it together.

ernest and i at my last alpha phi holiday party.  my fave holiday photo of us.  december 2007.

we've been texting and emailing back and forth about christmas presents, and he actually put me in charge of buying his nephew and nieces' gifts.  i already picked up a couple of outfits for them, but i never realized how hard it is to guess sizes when you haven't seen them recently, plus they are both growing babies (well, ethan is one and a half and sophia will be two months).  corinne helped me put their outfits together, though, and they came out really, really cute.  i'm excited, hopefully chrissy (ernest's sister) likes them and they fit!!  i tried to buy a little bigger, because i know kids grow fast, but sophia was already a big baby when she was born, so we'll see.

i'm so excited to get my sisters christmas presents!  they both asked me for tom's, so that will definitely be something i get them, and probably a few other small items.  i just really love the idea of giving them these particular tom's, and all the good things that tom's does when you buy one pair of shoes.

this is the best time of year, if you ask me.  we get to spend time with our families, snuggle close next to fires and drink hot cocoa while gazing at christmas lights.  i can't wait to finish decorating our tree.  it just needs ornaments and i need to figure out how to make the tree topper stay up.  we put my mom's tree up on sunday, and it looks super-cute!  my sisters and i call it the "victoria's secret" tree because of the hot pink and silver ornaments. 

ernest and i have made a few plans for a few special nights together, when he gets back.  well, really only one plan, and then i have a little something up my sleeve, which i'll share once the surprise has come and gone!  i just really can't wait to get all swept up in the holiday this weekend for sure!!

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