Sunday, November 28, 2010

it's thanksgiving, y'all!

in honor of the thanksgiving holiday, and in place of my weekly "it's friday" post (which i missed this week, OOPS), here are ten things i'm thankful for:

1.  fun times with family and friends!  every thanksgiving both sides of our family come over to my parent's house and we have a huge thanksgiving feast.  it's nice to have everyone in one place and eat tons and tons and tons of food.

2.  quality time with my sisters.  we definitely need it.

3.  watching bailey, chloe and riley play together.  they're so cute!

4.  all the men and women who serve and protect our country, from our military, to law enforcement, firefighters, doctors, etc.

5.  whoever decided to put together green beans, cream of mushroom and fried onions.  because green bean casserole is my FAVORITE thanksgiving dish (cranberry sauce is a close second!).

6.  stretchy pants, i definitely needed those on thursday!

7.  beautiful, large, inexpensive christmas trees.  we bought ours last night and decorated it this morning.  my sisters and i call it "the victoria's secret tree".

8.  black friday.  i got sooooo many good deals on christmas gifts, decorations and clothes for myself.  can't wait to wear my christmas and new year's outfits!

9.  holiday music!!  i just downloaded all of my favorites, plus the new lady antebellum and glee holiday albums.

10.  my lover.  i miss him so so so so so so much and i can't wait til we are able to finally spend all of the holidays at home, together.

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