Thursday, December 2, 2010

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.

fiiinally put the ornaments on the tree last night, and it looks mighty nice if i do say so myself.  i really want to/still need to get a tree skirt, but i'm very worried riley will think it's a blanket and try to pull it off of the tree, more than likely bringing the tree down with him.  i'd also very much like to wrap presents as i get them, but my little pooch loves paper above all other things, so i feel as though that could be a bad idea. 

i kid you not, some days i am late to work because right before i leave i have to walk around our (tiny) apartment and look for things that riley can get in to, and put them in more hard to reach places.  i no longer keep magazines under the coffee table, nor do i leave books anywhere other than the table or counter.  i do not trust my mischevious, little mauzer, haha!

maybe i'll do a little trial and error and see if he does go for the presents while i'm at work.  i'd love so much to see some shiny silver paper under my tree.  :-)

all i have left to do now is hang our stockings, find a cute glass bowl to display some ornaments and candy canes on our kitchen table and pick up some more candles/air freshener b/c i want our apartment to smell like christmas!  i never realized how noticable the smell of pine trees are until i woke up the morning after we put up the "victoria's secret" tree!  mine and ernest's tree is artificial, which makes me very sad, because there's no pine scent!  so, definitely looking for these candles, emily from cupcakes and cashmere suggested for that pine tree scent.

also, i wish our apartment had a fireplace.  how cozy would that be!?

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