Monday, October 11, 2010

'til we meet again.

i  hate how ernest's detachments sneak up on us.  i feel like he just got home, and he's already going to be leaving us again.  only ten more days 'til he'll be gone for six weeks.

it's not that i mind being alone.  that's not the hardest part.  it's missing my other half and best friend and not being able to talk to him when i want or need to, that really gets to me.  i bounce all of my ideas off of him, vent to him about everything going on in my life and work through my problems with him.  it's really tough to not be able to do that every second of every single day. 

i consider myself lucky, because he's only gone for a few weeks at a time, instead of a whole six months or year, but at the same time, it feels like we get into a steady rhythm of being together and then all of a sudden he's gone again.  we don't always know this far in advance when he'll be leaving, so we don't always have time to prepare. 

at least i have the next 10 days to look forward to spending with him (even if next weekend he'll be working).  i'll just have to hold on tight to those.

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