Wednesday, October 13, 2010

oh my dreams.

last night i had the weirdest and sweetest dream i've ever had.  and i remember it!  it was so awesome, i didn't even want to wake up.

i dreamt that my honey and i had a sweet little baby boy named james.  i dreamt about having the baby and then my dream fast forwarded to a few months later where i was playing softball again and ernest was holding our little one in the stands and cheering me on.  there were other bits and pieces to the dream (like my mom was there!) of course, and our baby sure was adorable (and ernest sure was a hunky daddy).  i'm not kidding when i say i didn't want to wake up.  i was sad when my alarm went off (i guess that's a daily thing, but it was for a different reason this time). 

not quite sure why i was dreaming about a baby, since we're definitely not planning on having one (or two or three) for another five (or six or ten) years.  maybe it's because so many women in my life are having babies?  ernest's sister and one of the attorneys in the law firm i work in are both due this month (and both named chrissy/ie, which is pretty coincidental, non?), so their pregnancies have definitely been on my mind lately. 

and i'm really not sure why our baby's name was james.  i don't even know if i like that name and i don't think i know anyone with that name...haha, weird.

in other news, i am broke and ernest has to work this weekend, so that means crafty weekend ahead of me!  :-)  also, my mom and dad (they're really awesome, i swear) are paying for me to fly home halloween weekend so i don't have to waste time driving 8 hours both ways.  i'm really excited to go home and have some tex-mex and bill miller's! 

keeping my fingers crossed for pumpkin bread and salted caramel hot chocolate w/my sailor tonight.

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