Sunday, October 10, 2010

oh hello there.

in honor of 10.10.10 i thought i'd do a post of the top 10 things i want to see or do in the next 10 years.

1.  nyc in the winter
2.  inauguration in dc
3.  hiking in hawaii w/my honey
4.  buy a home in the hill country
5.  pay off my college debt
6.  go to europe
7.  go to an nfl game, preferably in cowboys stadium
8.  open a boutique with my mom and sisters
9.  record a single (maybe even a full album!?)
10.  spend a birthday weekend on the beach

i hope i get to do all of these things in the next 10 years.

we've basically been watching football, doing laundry and cuddling all day.  i also did my first painting on a canvas and took a mini nap w/my pooch.  so far i love 10.10.10.  

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