Sunday, October 10, 2010

i wanna hold your hand.

i had a rough week.  between my job, getting new braces, and a midterm i really needed a break.  so ernest pampered me a little yesterday.  such a sweet man.

we woke up fairly early.  for us.  ernest is on duty this weekend, so he has to carry an extra phone around and i'm pretty sure its ringing is what woke us up.  i started my morning checking my online classes and getting started on my midterm.  it was a fairly easy one, so after i made a quick breakfast of eggs and potatoes, i sat down and worked on it for a couple of hours.

after i finished one of two short answers we got cleaned up and headed out to the mall.  i had told ernest earlier in the week that i absolutely NEEDED to get some new black pumps.  NEEDED.  my go-to for shoes is department stores like macy's and dillard's so we headed out to the bigger mall, about 25 minutes away where they have both.  i planned on spending around $90 for a good pair of black pumps.  i never skimp on shoes (at least not since college) because i don't like to be uncomfortable in them.

luckily, this weekend most stores were having a columbus day sale, so i knew i could be picky about style and comfort because i would be able to find a pair on sale.  however, the downside to shopping holiday sales is that EVERYONE else wants to get a deal too.  so needless to say the mall was packed.  i hate shopping in a crowded mall.  i get flustered and make bad choices.  but ernest was with me, so i knew i had to focus and get us out of there quickly, so i walked around looking first, saw a few styles i knew i wanted to try on, and got the attention of a sales associate.

the macy's we went to didn't carry the pair of nine west pumps i've been crushing on, but i found a comparable pair in the same price range.  of course they didn't have my size which is unfortunately, a pretty common thing since i am small, and a size 6, and generally most stores don't carry many shoes in that size so those sell out pretty quickly.

i ended up a similar style for about $40 less than the nine west ones and decided to take those.  which ended up being awesome because then we went to american eagle and found the denim jacket i wanted on sale for $39.95!  so, for the price of the original black pumps i wanted, i got a less expensive, but equal quality, pair of black pumps AND a denim jacket!

afterwards we headed home, because we were both hungry (and tend to get cranky until we are fed) and wanted to grab something on our side of town.  ernest suggested wings from wing zone, which i immediately agreed to, because i LOVE wings.  when we realized that we would pass up krispy kreme on the way to wing zone, we both agreed that we needed to pick up a dozen donuts.  haha, pretty much we're perfect for each other, because we're both fatty's!

 i've been wanting to try bubble tea, because i hear so many people say how much they love it, so i made ernest stop at this cafe right by our apartment and we got a strawberry banana bubble tea to share.  it was DELICIOUS and i'm definitely adding frosty's caffe to one of my favorite places to go on the weekends (along with target and michael's).

oh also, GREAT news.  when we were coming home from the mall we drove past a new shopping center that's been in construction since we moved here.  turns out they are putting a kirkland's on our side of town.  AWESOME.  now my paycheck will be split between target, michael's and kirkland's.  nice.

no pumpkin patch this weekend, like i had wanted, because it's about 85 degrees outside and i refuse to pick a pumpkin in shorts in flip flops.  hopefully it will cool down before next weekend, because we're definitely going then since it's the last weekend ernest will be home til right before christmas.  insert sad face here.

now we're watching football, drinking blue moon and digesting our yummy ihop breakfast.  go cowboys!  hope you all had as amazing of a weekend as we did.  i love it when my sweetheart is home...

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