Wednesday, September 22, 2010

baby come back.

he loves the camera.  i love this outfit.  don't mind the crunch and munch.

so, riley and i are alone again.  ernest just left yesterday morning on a two week trip that at some point will be in singapore.  it's times like these that i wish we lived closer to home, or that we had another puppy.

we have been puppy shopping, but we're being really picky because of the size of our apartment and our allergies, plus we definitely want a male.  i really want another mauzer, but i think we'll settle for any maltese mix.  i just really think riley needs a friend and i really enjoyed him and chloe (my sister's dog) together when they weren't driving me crazy. 

and last night i had the chance to skype with BOTH of my sisters, which hadn't happened yet since they got their webcam last week.  they crack me up, especially when they are together.  they let me in on the latest gossip and boy-drama in their lives, which is always fun.  and they are just so darn cute!

i don't have a lot of things planned while my honey is gone.  maybe just a little shopping :-) since i get paid on thursday (i may or may not have a problem, haha!).  probably lots of tv watching (so bad!  but i need to catch up on my shows!) and cuddling with riley.  not to mention the weekly homework for my online classes.  as long as my house gets cleaned and the laundry done this weekend, i'll be a happy woman.

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