Tuesday, September 21, 2010

winter wonderland.

while reading through the archives of rachel denbow's blog, smile and wave (which has recently become one of my favorite reads), i came across this picture she posted in january of this year.  it immediately made me wish for a snowy winter, which i know for certain i will not be having, and a pretty porch to drink hot cocoa on. 

ah, i miss the northeast so much sometimes.  especially in the fall and winter months.  halloween just isn't the same without the brisk air and smell of apple cider and pumpkin pies.  christmastime isn't christmastime without a shimmering blanket of snow on the ground.  even though i complained daily about how much i hated winter snow, it's definitely something i wish i could bring to the south. 

i can't wait til the day that ernest and i are able to head up north for a weekend just to experience a little bit of fall or winter magic.

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