Wednesday, August 25, 2010

got you on my mind, boo.

so, i'm really bad when it comes to watching my "shows".  i always forget to watch or DVR them.  there are few that i like enough to watch season after season, so you would think that i could keep up, but i swear i only catch like 3 or 4 episodes per show.  one i love to watch, but almost always miss is army wives.  big surprise there, huh?  anyway, i managed to remember to DVR the season finale and it really had me tearing up...even more so when the show ended with a song from one of my favorite bands.  it just seemed like such a perfect song to end the season with and i've had it on my mind since.

see, ernest does this thing where he worries me by telling me things he probably shouldn't be.  not that he'll get in trouble for telling me or anything, but because it DOES worry me.  like i need to know what kind of plane he is on.  just the fact that he's in the military in a time of war is enough for me to want to lose my breath thinking of all the ways things could go bad. 

i can't imagine what the significant others of the our brave men and women in uniform overseas must go through everyday.  how they can get through the day, day after day, week after week, month after month is beyond me.  i miss ernest when he's on an overnight trip to ft. worth, which is only 500 miles away.  the longest we've been apart is two months, but i got to talk to him almost everyday.  we're lucky that way.  other families, not so much.  so i just want to say that i appreciate the military for all it is and i'm so very proud of our protectors and very, very appreciative of their families.

(this goes for law enforcement, firefighters, doctors and all others who protect and serve our country, as well.)

anyway, this post started with me wanting to share some of those song lyrics with you.  you see, these lyrics stand for more than a song sung by an amazing band.  you can get so many different meanings from them.  for me they stand for freedom and what guides it.  if our men and women in uniform didn't love their families and their country, then i might not be able to share this song with you via my personal blog. 

"Love" - Sugarland

is it the face of a child?  is it the thrill of danger?
is it the kindness we see in the eyes of a stranger?
is it more than faith? is it more than hope?
is it waiting for us at the end of our rope?

i say it's love!
i say it's love!

is it the one you call home?  is it the holy land?
is it standing right here holding your hand?
is it just like the movies?  is it rice and white lace?
is it the feeling i get when i wake to your face?

i say it's love!
i say it's love!

(like i said, i'm only sharing some of the lyrics.  check the song out, it's pretty beautiful.)

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