Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the bells are ringing...

school bells, that is.

classes started monday, and while i'm not the traditional student, not sitting in a classroom amongst my peers, eyes on the front of the classroom, where our professor booms at us, expecting us to ingrain all their material into our brains, i'm still just as excited to get it underway.

as you know, i haven't applied to grad school quite yet.  still need to take my GREs.  but i want to stay in the habit of keeping up with classes, and i enjoy learning.  this semester i'm taking two classes that really interest me.  intro to philosophy and us history.  i just want to understand philosophy, i find it fascinating.  and i've always been a history nerd, though my interests are less general than what i suspect i'll be getting in my class.

in other news, i may or may not have injured my knee.  not good considering i desperately want to be in shape for our 5k in january and i'm trying to lose 15-20 pounds (okay, more like 5.  5 lbs.!!  i'm not trying to be a stick here, don't judge!).  eek!

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