Monday, August 23, 2010

much needed laziness...and change.

okay, so maybe my weekend was fantabulous.  and maybe i got to spend oh-so-much and desperately needed quality time with my honey.  and perhaps that makes me smile, even now, in the middle of a long and seemingly never-ending monday.

friday night we ended up bar-b-queing with friends/neighbors and it was delicious (mainly b/c my honey is a superb bbq-er) and the bud light lime was always in supply.  we didn't stay up too late, but after the short walk home, ernest decided he wanted to play COD and i promptly passed out on the couch next to him.

i did wake up early enough to go to the farmer's market on saturday, contrary to ernest's prediction, but awoke, unfortunately, with a migraine (i promise it had nothing to do with the bud light lime and everything to do with the sun shining in my face and sinuses!).  after a yummy sausage and eggs and biscut breakfast, we lazed about the morning and part of the afternoon, me watching DVRed criminal minds episodes and reading and ernest getting ready for his fantasy football draft.  don't judge him.  i used to think it was lame too (sorry dad) until i got roped into playing last year and won (thanks dad)!

once ernest left for his draft party, i snuck off to the mall to get my hair COLORED and CUT.  yup, folks, i bit the bullet and took a leap.  see for the past FOREVER i've had long, dark brown hair.  and lately it's been so uninspiring and drab.  i actually felt like it was washing me out and weighing me down.  not sure if you could tell in previous posts how long it was, but it was the longest i have had it EVER.  it was definitely time for a change.  of course, i am so so so picky about who does my hair and what they do to it, so i was relinquishing quite a bit of control at the salon.  i was definitely anxious and texted ernest for support pretty much until the color was in my hair.  and then once the color was in my hair i started to freak out at how light my roots were turning and texted him some more.  surprisingly he was very attentive and comforting, in spite of being in the middle of an important draft party (we're talking his higher-ups here).  anywho, i was a bit skeptical when i first saw the color, but the cut came out great.  and today, i'm a little more certain i like the color.  it's so different and fun, i feel like a different person!

saturday night was spent at a FREE concert at one of the casinos nearby.  the band perry has to be one of my favorite up-and-coming country bands and the concert was truly awesome because it was so small and they played a lot of their new songs coming out on their album in october.  i like their style (i think sibling harmonies are the best) and i really like kimberly perry's voice.  it's very country, very loretta lynn and patsy cline if you ask me.  so, i'm glad i happened upon the ad for the concert and i had the best time, even if i couldn't sit down!

me & honey.
the band perry
sunday we spent lazing around, again.  i tried to bake these strawberry-lemon bars, but they didn't come out quite right, so i'll have to try again.  actually it feels like every time i bake in this oven it doesn't come out right.  boo.  ernest had an overnight trip so i dropped him off at the airport around 6 pm and when i got home, riley and i snuggled (after i gave him a bath, because holy jesus did he stink!) and watched more criminal minds/army wives that i had DVRed.

anyway, i'll have to cherish this weekend, because i'm sure not to get very many more of them between now and when ernest gets back from his detachment in november.  he doesn't leave til mid-october, but he hasn't been flying very much lately and now that there's no reason for him not to be (i.e., his brother went back home and they have at least one plane that works) i'm sure they'll be sending him on more trips.

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