Thursday, May 27, 2010

mother dear.

i realize now (3 weeks later) that i never did a mothers' day post.

but then, why should we only celebrate our mother's (or father's for that matter) once a year?

i really enjoyed mothers' day weekend.  i went home to san antonio, and actually got to spend it with my momma for once.  :-)  of course, my sisters and i saved our shopping to the last minute (saturday afternoon), and almost didn't get to get our dear momma exactly what she wanted:  a super-cutesy, very glam blouse from ann taylor.  of course, we get to the store, and there are 4 mediums, 1 large and no smalls on the rack.  "what do we do?" we start asking each other.  suddenly, it hits me.  i used to work in retail.  duh, we should check the mannequin.

and we were saved by the mannequin, who just happened to be wearing the only small in the store.

later that evening my youngest sister, mom and I all went to a baby shower for one the wives of my dad's cousins, and the funniest thing happend at this baby shower.  my mom and my aunt (dad's sister) showed up wearing THE EXACT SAME DRESS.  i mean, it was a cute dress, and it looked wonderful on both of them.  it was just so hilarious that they were both wearing it!  everyone made a big deal about it.

except for my mom, she's so cool, y'know?  she took it stride.  laughed it off and had a margarita.  posed for the kajillions of pictures everyone wanted to take of her and her twin.  it didn't bother my momma one bit. 

that's my mom on the left!

i love that about my madre.  she can laugh at herself.  (and everyone else too.)

sunday morning we had brunch with my dad's family at my parents house.  my mom made chilaquiles and we had barbacoa and fruit.  this mother's day was a very momentous one for my dad's side of the family, as this was the year we got to open our time capsule.  10 years ago we all wrote down our predictions for ourselves in the year 2010.  oh my goodness, were those hilarious.  mine was mostly wrong, but can you blame me i was 13!?  i can't remember exactly, but i'm pretty sure i said something about being a professional softball player.  aha.

dad breaking the time capsule.

moms and daughters.

momma and her girls.

well, we did it again.  we made another time capsule to open in 10 years and i'm really excited to see what everyone else says.  i used both sides of my note card.  leave it to the writer, to fill the whole damn thing.

we also went to my uncle's house (mom's brother) and hung out there for a little while.  they live in the hill country, which allowed me to get some good shots of texas, my texas, and all the deer up in the hills (they come right up to the next door neighbors porch!).

anywho, it was a great weekend at home.  and i'm so glad it was mother's day weekend that i got to spend there.

mom is coming to visit next week.  she and my sisters should get here on sunday, while i'm in fl. w/my psis+other, and they'll be here for the whole week.  i'm looking forward to us hanging out and acting crazy in nola.  i really can't wait!

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