Monday, May 31, 2010


the funniest thing happened to me today.

i flew back to nola, after 4 days in orlando with the girls, and, after i picked up my bag from the baggage claim, i headed out to the long-term parking garage to pick up ernest's car.  i walked out onto level four of the lot, turned left from the elevator and looked right at the spot i left the car.

i stopped dead in my tracks.

what the hell?  it wasn't there.

i freaked out for a second.  "ernest is going to kill me," was the first thought that went through my mind.  then, i headed back to the elevator and went to the third level.  the car wasn't there either.  i knew i didn't go as high as level five, but i decided to check it out anyway.  not there either.

i went back to level four, walked around, thinking maybe i didn't leave the car where i thought i did.  but, i couldn't find it anywhere on level four!  finally i ran into a security guard and explained my situation to her.  she got another security guard to drive me around to help me look for it.  we started with level four, went up to level five, then to level three.  finally we made it to level two.  the car was there.

thank goodness, because if not, i'm almost certain i'd be planning my own funeral right now.

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