Monday, May 1, 2017


there are some days that are heavier than others.  where the stress piles up and for just a few moments it is so overwhelming that we almost cannot deal, and suddenly we feel like we are deer in headlights, frozen, unable to react, unable to process thoughts and emotions.

i am needing to take a deep breath today.  i know it seems like this happens for me a lot, but to be honest these types of days are getting fewer and farther between, and just reminding myself of that makes me feel so much better.  i struggle with control issues, and maybe i always will, but the ability to put things into perspective and remind myself that there is a lesson to be learned through and a reward at the end of every journey pushes me to embrace that which i cannot control.

it's a new month and a new week, loves.  a fresh start.  take the time to take a deep breath today, and remind yourself that you can always start over.  you can always move forward, even if you take a few steps back first.  it's all up to you, and how you choose to react to the heavy days.

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