Saturday, April 29, 2017


hey y'all, how 'bout them spurs?  i was so excited when they won last night!  nailbiter of a game, for sure.  idk if i'm going to be able to watch the next series!  i get so stressed out, lol.

peak of the week:  back in the gym with my girl, melissa.  hard to believe it's been a couple of years or so since we first started going to boot camp classes together.  also hard to believe i haven't been pushing my body in that way since the last guy i dated and i opened up that thrift store.  i thought i was in some sort of shape, but man, my abs have all but disappeared!  it's alright, i've been sore all week, and it's the good kind, y'know?  so excited to see how my body progresses now!

it's the pits:  hip flexors, y'all.  for a retired cheerleader, mine are really weak right now!  ugh.

this weekend, we'll be hitting up king william for the last of our fiesta festivities.  this is probably my favorite part of fiesta, mostly because it's during the day, doesn't get too crowded, and there's local artisans everywhere, plus it's in one of the prettiest districts in san antonio.  i just love peeking into those gorgeous houses and looking for their built-in bookshelves (i swear every house has them!).  it'd be a dream to own a home as beautiful as these, although i'm not 100% sold on living in the city like that (give me one of those houses on 5 [or more!] acres and i'll be a happy girl).

i'll also be doing a little something on sunday that i am super-excited about, but holding off on telling y'all 'til it's already done.  feel free to peek my instagram or snapchat stories that day if you can't wait that long to find out what i'm up to!  ;-)

  • we live in the reproductive dystopia of "the handmaid's tale".  i've read so many articles this week about hulu's new tv adaptation of margaret atwood's novel, "the handmaid's tale".  some say it's a feminist work of art, others say it's humanist.  i'm excited to delve into it (hopefully this weekend) and to pick up a copy of the novel (y'all remember from last week i haven't read it, yet) to make a judgment of my own.  i will say before reading/watching that i think we are in an age where so many groups are oppressed in our society, that it's hard to say a novel or movie or tv show about a dystopian society only represents one group, but from what i can gather, it does seem that "the handmaid's tale" is primarily a feminist work of art.  also, that thought towards the end of the linked new yorker piece that birth rates are falling because of an inability to afford children?  chilling.
  • playing josh turner's new song "hometown girl" on repeat this week.
  • one of my friend's from college made an instagram account documenting her travels and it is divine.
  • i've been really obsessed with wisteria lately.  it's romantic and a little otherworldly, don't you think?
  • love this hair color.

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