Thursday, April 6, 2017

truer words.

so glad i stumbled upon this via mark grove's instagram this morning.  

you can't force love.  you can't force someone to meet you on the mountain, to navigate uncharted waters with you, to sit in silence with you on a warm spring night under a new moon and a sky full of stars with only the sounds of the night creatures and your ever-so-full heart beating to remind you of your existence.  and i know it's hard, especially for those of us who see the "should-be, would-be, could-bes" in this world.  you're right.  it "could-be" great.  but only if you both want it.  otherwise, you're just setting yourself up for hurt and disappointment.

sometimes it's the timing that is off - you may be ready, fully engaged, but they are still figuring it all out.  do not wait for these people.  you can't put your life on hold, babe, and who knows how long it might take them to realize that you are the thing that makes them happy and soothes their restless soul.  

sometimes it's that they weren't meant for you - they're simply unwilling to see the world as you do, and you don't want this person in your life.  you don't want someone who can't see the beauty in a tree that no longer flowers (ok, fine, it's dead), whose limbs reach out over its neighboring pond, as though a cool drink of water could be its saving grace.  you don't want someone who has no loyalty or respect for your dreams.  let these people go.

someone who wants to be with you, will be with you.  they'll let you know in every possible way they can.  they'll show up when they say they will.  they'll make an effort to try the things you love.  they'll love your crazy family, because you love your crazy family.  they'll be all in, because their heart is all in, and their actions, not their words, will show you this is true.

and remember, it's not about you.  you are not the problem, and you are not lacking.  you are more than enough.  for the right person.  so don't go for half-hearted relationships, babe.  and this is true for friendships, too.  choose yourself, be good to yourself, and the people who are meant for you, will find their way to you.

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