Friday, April 7, 2017


i'm so excited it's the weekend, y'all!  this week has been exhausting and long and i can totally use the next two days to recuperate.  nothing in particular to mention, but my body has been telling me to get rest all week.

thing is, i'm not so great at slowing down, haha.  i have a few things planned for this weekend with my family, plus a ton of work to catch up on.  but no complaints!  i hate to be that girl that's like, "i love my life," but, i really love my life.

peak of the week:  my fabfitfun spring box came in, and it has been my favorite one BY FAR.  i can't wait to take my gypsy 05 roundie to the beach this summer for my birthday (and it came in my fave colors, y'all!).  i've already started taking the nature's bounty hair, skin, and nails gummy vitamins and using the briogeo leave-in conditioner.  i'm in love with the deep red lip kit from realher (which is nuts considering i haven't worn lipstick in 3 years?) and i can't wait to wear it out and about sometime soon.

it's the pits:  i finally watched the final season of bones this week, and by the end of the series finale i couldn't help but tear up.  i've been watching bones ever since ernest and i moved to new orleans and kat came to visit one time that he was on detachment.  i'm really going to miss those characters.

my favorite whiskey, rebecca creek, is bottled right outside of san antonio, and my family and i are headed out there this weekend to take a tour of the distillery and do a tasting.  i'm really excited!  it's also my granny's birthday on sunday, so i'm sure we'll do a little bit of celebrating for her.

have a safe and happy weekend, y'all!
  • currently reading joan didion's south and west.  i've seen so many recommendations for it, so i had to see what the hype was about!  i'll let y'all know how it is.
  • target has been killing the spring fashion game lately!  saw this dress on my random trip there today, and had to pick it up.  think i might wear it this weekend!  also, dresses are 30% off until april 8!
  • on the topic of books, i really love emma roberts and karah preiss' instagram book club, @belletrist.
  • i need some tulips in my life.
  • loving the backpack trend right now, because i'm not much of a girl for purses (my passion is shoes, y'all!) so hands-free bags are my jam.

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