Friday, April 21, 2017

morning rituals.

eeeeep, accidentally posted this last night in my exhausted stupor before bed.  edited, obviously.

i drink a cup of coffee in the mornings.  nothing special.  and only on weekdays, because i actually still don't like coffee.  i couldn't even tell you what kind it is, just that it's brewed every morning in our break room.  a splash of french vanilla creamer.  a pinch of raw sugar.  just a little warm pick-me-up to fight the cold quiet in our office.

but not before i down at least one cup of water (preferably cucumber-lemon infused water) and eat my breakfast of typically oatmeal and half a banana.  the banana is the best part.  a half cup of oats, four ounces of hot water, left to sit for a few minutes.  half a banana, sliced, and mixed in once the oats have cooked.

all of this, while i check emails, and go through my list of tasks for the day.

slowly, i am adding routines to my day, in the hopes that they will help me focus, something i struggle so desperately with.  i am not now, nor have i ever been (nor will i probably ever be), a morning person, so it's really important that i start my day off feeling on task.

life is about to get really busy, and a little crazy, for me - what with work, gym, meal prepping, school, and mine and my sisters' business project.  adding routine to my schedule will keep me from stressing too much, and give me little moment in between the chaos to look forward to, like that morning coffee (y'all i'm really trying to sell myself on the coffee - it's like i hit 30 and no longer easily function before noon without it, in spite of my body's aversion to caffeine).

if anyone has great suggestions for keeping focused throughout the day, without caffeine (because i really can't drink more than that cup in the mornings), they would be greatly appreciated!

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