Friday, April 21, 2017


erica's been sharing sneak peeks of our photo shoot, and this has got to be my favorite family photo, ever.  EVER.

well, happy friday, y'all!  fiesta is finally here in san antonio, the wildflowers are in full-bloom, and my allergies are on high-alert, lol.  every one i know is struggling with the allergies, so i'm in good company, but i could probably do without the daily sinus headaches!

peak of the week:  family photoshoot with the lovely and oh-so-talented, erica, of rae vision photography.  her aesthetic is everything, and she took some of the cutest pictures of lucas!

it's the pits:  just call me lonesome, heartbroke and then some.  (this song has been stuck in my head!) i've been super-nostalgic for new orleans and nashville the last few weeks.  those two places each have such a dear spot in my heart, and my short trip to nashville in january with my bestie and one of our other best girls only made me miss it more.  i realized i haven't been back to new orleans since i left five and a half years ago (omg, i just realized how long it's really been when i typed that out!).

since fiesta kicked off this week, i'll be partaking in a couple of the festivities.  tonight, oysterbake with melissa to see midland perform.  as much as i hate crowds, i'll be braving a mighty one to see them play live, drink some beers (perhaps), and take an oyster shot or two if i can muster up enough courage.  tomorrow night, catch my sisters and i under the stars at whitewater with willie nelson and kacey musgraves.  y'all.  best life ever.  now, hopefully i can wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on sunday morning to run a 10k with my dad (well, he's doing the 5k).  y'all cross your fingers for me!

have a safe and festive weekend, babes.
  • i swear naomi's blog gives me such wanderlust!  i really need to get on adding stamps to my passport (and idk, maybe even updating my passport since it expired like a million moons ago?) tout de suite!
  • this is why people are saying "13 reasons why" is a dangerous show.  so.  i have been torn about watching "13 reasons why".  i can see why people are speaking out against it, and i'm not sure if by watching it, i'll be buying into the sensationalization of suicide as they say.  i've been on both sides of mental health issues, as the sufferer, and also as the "bystander" in a sense, but at the same time, as an artist, i can see why this is an important topic to portray in mainstream media.  idk.  i'll let y'all know if i decide to delve into it.
  • however, i am excited to watch "the keepers", the next crime series to hit netflix.
  • there's still two more days to join penguin random house's #projectreadathon campaign.  every excerpt you read, donates time and books to children in local communities.  you guys know how passionate i am about reading, and the written word, a girl, help some readers, huh?
  • goals.  #bossbabemomma


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