Thursday, March 23, 2017

truer words.

they should fear you, babe.  you are a force to be reckoned with.  who knew your happiness would come at thirty, alone and surviving abuse and tired?  who knew it would find you in those quiet moments on the trail, in your car, reading a book?  who knew you'd start a new job that would open your eyes to the person you've been running from for eight years (maybe even longer)?  you kept putting obstacles in your path - men (boys really) who had no business with a woman like you, wasted time (and money, good lord) in classes you didn't need, jobs with no soul.  you were just stumbling along, completely blind to your truth.  you have always been stronger on your own (remember when you left home to go to college two thousand miles away?).  you've always been fiercely independent, emphasis on fierce.  only the strong will survive you, babe.  only the steadfast and loyal can be sweeter than your solitude.  you have no time for people with no soul (not like hallelujah soul...more like kerouac soul).  people wonder about you.  let them.  they tell you you are lucky when you say you've never been happier.  they don't know what you had to go through to get here.  and don't you dare ever doubt yourself.  you are and always will be fire and ice, the ocean and the moon.  you are every single thing that happened to you, and has yet to happen to you.  you are the stuff of legends.

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