Monday, January 2, 2017


now that we've finally entered 2017 i'm happy to announce that tomorrow i start a new job.  i'll miss utsa, but this is the opportunity i need right now at this time in my life.  i'm so excited to get started!

when i think of everything that happened last year, and how heavy it was on my heart, i always come back to this one thought, "it's done."  what's done, is done.  we can't go back, can't change the things that brought us to our weakest moments, can't make people love us or appreciate us or respect us.  all we can do is move forward and make sure we leave our hearts and minds open to the magic of the universe.  i'm still the same person i was on january 1, 2016, only i get better each day.  i still get taken breathless by the sweet south texas sky, still feel my heart skip a beat when i read a beautiful quote or hear a song that just gets it, still love running outside, wind in my hair, pushing my body to its limits, still have an insatiable urge to learn and learn and always learn.  

ever better, ever better.  my mantra for 2017.

happy first monday of the new year, y'all. 

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