Wednesday, November 9, 2016

tunes-day: better man - little big town.

and i know why we had to say goodbye
like the back of my hand.

but i just wish you were a better man.

i love that little big town recorded this song written by taylor swift.  i think you can really hear her voice in it, it's 100% her style.  and i've always loved the harmony in little big town's sound.  they've been one of my favorite groups for years now.

but this song y'all.  i know eventually i have to move on.  it's there at the forefront of my mind, pretty much daily.  but i just wish that it had been different.  i wish he had been the person i needed him to be.  there was so much passion and electricity between us, but there wasn't respect or understanding.  he wanted it to be easy, and i know better.  he didn't want to be the person i needed on the darkest day of our relationship, and i really want and need that person.  and there is still a part of me who wishes that he wanted to be that person.  but i know better.

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