Monday, November 21, 2016


last week i took a much-needed social media hiatus.  i only responded to personal messages on my facebook, instagram, and snapchat, while resisting the urge to check my feed every 5 minutes for 7 days, and it was glorious.  i really needed the refresh, and i'm so glad that i managed to hold out for the whole week.  it gave me time to really appreciate my surroundings, and think about my goals.

i think that i've been pretty open about my struggles here on this blog (although there is a lot that i keep to myself) and truth is, i've hit some pretty serious lows lately.  i'm frustrated with so many things that are seemingly out of my control.  focusing my energy on the things that i can control, instead of wasting what literally feels like hours of my day, each day, on my phone or my computer (i already spend way too much time in front of my computer screen at work every day), led me to the conclusion that i won't be able to impact the things i can't control, if i don't change the things i can.

this time of year can be hard for many of us.  it can be lonely, even if it's full of fun holiday parties.  it can be stressful, even if we are trying to embrace the festive and generous holiday spirit.  without sounding like a pity party, i feel like every where i turn there is the reminder that i'm single this holiday season.  which is not a bad thing, we don't need someone else to ensure our happiness.  but i'm also still incredibly heartbroken, and lost, and that is such a heavy weight to carry.

so after doing some soul-searching on my social media fast, i've decided to just put my best foot forward.  to strive to be the best person i can be, in spite of how i may be feeling.  to be focused more on service and giving this holiday season.  to take in the magic of a first christmas with my nephew, the cooler weather, south texas in the winter, and making my life as pretty as can be.  i feel rejuvenated in my efforts to realize my goals, unleashing my creativity, and embracing this chapter in my story.

i guess the point of all this is that, you really can do it.  whatever it is you set your mind to.  you just have to put in the work, and have a clear mind and an open heart.  so get it done, babes!  ;)

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