Monday, November 28, 2016


it still blows my mind that my sister carried lucas for nine months.  that he once lived inside her womb, and now exists in our world.  i can't wrap my head around it.  life is still such a mystery, isn't it?  so many thousands of years of human civilization, all this amazing technology at our fingertips, and there's still so much out there we cannot explain.

maybe it's because i've always been imaginative and curious (my mom said my favorite question growing up was, "why?" and to be honest, i've never stopped asking that question), but i find so much joy in learning and experiencing new things.  it's so easy to take the world around us for granted, but sometimes you catch a glimpse of something and you have to stop and take a moment to appreciate it.

for me, it was as i walked past one of the full-length windows in the hallway on my way back from the ladies room this morning.  i noticed that the clouds that had seemingly filled the sky with light grey cotton candy on my way to work were starting to dissipate and sunshine was peeking through, hitting the trees and small puddles around campus.  apparently it rained in the two hours that i was at my desk and i never even knew it was happening.  it made for a very pretty fall morning, and i had to pause and take it all in.

i didn't want to come to work this morning.  it's always hard after a long weekend (and i swear i am STILL full), especially when you're not doing something you're passionate about.  but that small moment of reflection re-energized me, and gave me the inspiration i needed to get through this morning.  so keep your eyes open, y'all.  take it all in.  we only get this one life, and this one world to live it in.


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