Friday, October 21, 2016

this is 30.

these are the things you love right now, the ones that help you see the light at the end of the tunnel:

your nephew.  roadrunners games with your parents.  driving to dallas to see amber.  nelly.  getting back into running.  your first 5k back - the purple run for domestic violence awareness.  that light soreness in your muscles.  starting to cook again.  food prep.  paying special attention to the foods that fuel your strong little body.  voting for the first female major party presidential candidate because it feels right.  the act of casting your ballot.  cucumber lemon water.  micheladas - preferably with your best girls.  realizing you could never find love on a dating app.  being ok with that.  brunch at places that have cute little airstreams out front.  the first signs of fall and halloween decor.  the nip in the air when it doesn't elude south texas.  dreaming about an unwritten novel and new business ventures.  purplish greige and nude nail polish.

did you mention your nephew?


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