Tuesday, October 18, 2016


today, gratitude comes in the form of a perfectly healthy baby boy named lucas george contreras-trevino (and the good health of my baby sister, corinne).  he was born on sunday, october 16, 2016 weighing 6 lbs 8 oz, very early in the morning.

my mom called me the night before, while i was in a lyft on my way to see nelly at the texas state fair with my cousin and friends, to let me know that my sister had been having contractions all day and that they were taking her to the hospital.  once she had been looked over by the doctor, they decided to admit her for monitoring and planned to induce her the next morning.  i woke up at 7 am so i could get dressed and start making the drive back home, and shortly after i woke up my sister, casee, texted me that they were taking corinne back to deliver.  approximately 30 minutes later i received another text that lucas had arrived!  i couldn't wait to get on the road, and thankfully my trip was quick, short and without too much traffic.

i never knew how much love you could have for a person you just met.  the moment i knew he had made his way into the world and my family starting sending me pictures i was in love forever.  i saw corinne's nose immediately, and couldn't wait to hold him close and start telling him stories and teaching him to be a great man.  once i held him in my arms i was speechless.  literally didn't know what to say.  i fretted over my sister because i could tell she was in pain, but lucas just slept so sweetly while i carried him around.

we are so lucky to have such a close-knit family - my sister and matt will never have to want for help or babysitters for the rest of lucas' life (on both sides!).  lucas' village runs deep and i have no doubt he will grow up to be the sweetest little southern gentleman; worldly, a feminist, a scholar, a lover of music and the outdoors.  but no rush, we're glad to enjoy this sweet moments with him, while he's still brand new.

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