Tuesday, October 4, 2016

excerpts from a book i'll never write - two.

inspired by this tumblr, a collection of pieces i've been working on - written in my journal, notes on my phone, random sheets of paper, a napkin or two.  find the first one here.

we met through a friend
hung out in a bar called 'Boston'
she was trying to find a guy to fix me up with
i had an eye on you
you offered to help, asked what i was looking for
i made you tell me first


i rode alone with you to the next bar
asked you about the 'aux' buttons on your dash
i'm not sure if you know how confused i was until you explained it
you were the easiest person to talk to for an outgoing introvert
i don't know how you did it


you wrapped your arm around me to keep me warm
i gave you my phone number in a booth at ihop
you kissed me on the front step
hands in my hair, you took me completely by surprise
texted me 'good night, beautiful' when you got home 
i started falling in love with you that night

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