Tuesday, September 27, 2016

excerpts from a book i'll never write - one.

i've been inspired by these pins on pinterest that come from this tumblr (i think).  my journal is filling up with entries like this one below.  so i've decided to try my hand at posting them here, in hopes that it'll encourage more creative writing (for me and for you), and in hopes that they'll get better over time.  :)  enjoy!

he went to her, to watch her work with the animals.  stood at the fence in his jeans and boots, cap pulled down low.  saw the concentration on her face, as she led the horse around the pen.  saw the genuine smile he melts for, always trying so hard to replicate.  he saw she was home, and he loved her more for it, knowing that the moments she gave to the horses make the moments they spend together at home that much sweeter because she carries the happiness with her everywhere.  he made a promise to himself then and there to buy her a horse someday.  and then she finally looked in his direction, and he caught the sparkle in her eye.  he never noticed it before, and he's not sure what it means.

what he doesn't know is that she felt him walk up.  she sensed him in the air, even though she didn't look his way.  her heart skipped a beat when she finally looked up and saw the look on his face.  he looked like home.

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