Monday, September 26, 2016


i've always been a proponent of "practice makes perfect" and diligence and making your own way in this world.   i think too often we get caught up in shifting the blame away from ourselves.  it's easier to blame others, to say "oh, i didn't get support from so-and-so" or "i couldn't do it because of such-and-such" when in reality, we are our own worst enemies.  i worked hard in school.  not the hardest i possibly could, but hard enough.  i wanted to finish in four years, and i managed to achieve that goal.  but i never pushed myself to do anything past that.  if i haven't gotten my master's yet, or made this blog into something bigger than what it is, or i'm in a situation i'm no longer happy in, it's my own doing.

but i've finally opened my eyes.  i want so much more from this one life i've been given.  i want so many more adventures, and i want to build a few things with my own two hands.  and eventually, if i'm lucky, i want a partner who wants similar things.  but i'm ok with working hard on my own for a long while.  i feel like i have so much time to make up for.  so much to catch up to.  my mind and heart are just brimming over with goals and ideas and (more importantly) dreams.

so my advice to you, dear readers, is (as always) go be your best self.  go work your butt off and let those good things fall into your lap.  go make yourself into the person, that your person is supposed to fall in love with.  because if you do those things, if you love yourself and you love your path first, he or she will absolutely fall in love with you.  they'll have no choice.  

happy monday, y'all!

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