Monday, January 4, 2016


i took a leap last year, quit my job, and put my finances in the hands of a man i'm in love with in order to start a new adventure with him. i have never been happier or felt more like i am doing what i've always wanted, than i do now.  it's the scariest thing, to say "ok, let's put our relationship aside, build this business, and see where it goes."  it's one of those things we warn people not to do, mix business and pleasure.  it hasn't been easy, but in the 8 months we've been open, i have never once hated my job, wanted to quit, regretted my choice.  even though certain aspects of our relationship have changed.  even on the hardest, most emotional days.  i'm doing exactly what i feel like i should be doing.  it's amazing how my dreams and plans have changed, and how at ease i am about it.  and the thing is that i'm doing it with my best friend.  i couldn't be more grateful, or have learned as much as i have from anyone else.  

it just feels right.

the cool thing is, i find new reasons to love my job every day.  my customers, the items we bring in, the history behind them, and others i probably could never even think of.  i get to be creative, and business-minded.  i'm the luckiest.  :)

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