Monday, January 4, 2016

happy new year 2016!!

happy new year from roller coaster rides!  i rang in the new year in downtown san antonio with my parents, casee, jeremy, & corinne.  we made our way to the davenport, our new fave spot downtown.  it's such a cute little lounge off n. presa - def stop by there if you're in the area!

2015 had its ups and downs, but it was a good year altogether.  there were a lot of lessons learned, and risks taken. there are a few regrets too, but i can walk away from the year knowing i'm still catching my footing.

the best takeaways from 2015 were our new business (the thrift store), and the news that we'll be getting a new addition to the family (my aunt and uncle are having a baby). i have lots of new goals and plans for 2016, so i can't wait to get started and see what surprises the year has for me, as well! i mean, i am turning 30 this year, and we'll be celebrating the thrift store's first birthday, plus I get a new baby cousin! good vibes already! :)


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